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What to Expect

4 Simple yet Effective Steps to Treatment

Newborn Baby Sleeping

Step 1: Consultation

The first step is getting to know you and your child. Prior to the visit, you will be asked to complete a tongue and lip-tie questionnaire, which will assess for any potential symptoms. At the visit, we will: 

  • Review symptoms and how they may relate to ties

  • Perform an examination and make a diagnosis

  • Review the treatment process and after-care

  • Provide time for questions and answers

  • Additional: Lactation consultation (if needed)

  • We know sometimes every day can make a difference, so we're always prepared to provide same-day treatment for infants

Step 2: Treatment

Infants are placed in a fresh swaddle and all patients are given protective eyewear. Gentle laser release of the tethered oral tissues (TOTs) is performed, generally taking under a minute for infants and young children. Before and after photos are taken, which are reviewed with the parents after treatment.


Step 4: Follow-Up

We provide follow-up guidance and support as needed after the procedure. Our goal is for you to achieve full satisfaction with your feeding experience. We have a network of other exceptional providers depending on any potential supplemental care needs.

Image by Ciprian Sam

Step 3: Recovery

After treatment is completed, your child is brought back to you. Post-operative stretches are briefly demonstrated, and mothers are then encouraged to breastfeed their infants in the privacy of the consultation room. Older children get a prize and are usually ready to go off and play right after!



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