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State of the Art Laser Technology

LightScalpel CO2 Laser

CO2 lasers are the gold-standard for soft-tissue surgery. They function perfectly in the oral environment, and are also used by cosmetic and plastic surgeons for a variety of procedures.


CO2 Laser lip and tongue-tie releases for infants and young children generally take under 1 minute to complete.


The LightScalpel laser allows the surgeon to work with increments of tissue smaller than 1mm, giving them the ultimate precision.


The LightScalpel super-pulse technology minimizes discomfort during treatment, and results in minimal bleeding and no need for stitches.

Excellent Healing

With a CO2 laser release, recovery is fast and predictable. Swelling and infection are rare, and reattachment is uncommon with proper post-operative care. 

Sleeping Baby


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